God wants us to pray without ceasing and there is a lot to pray about. So to start getting in the habit, every day or so, some prayer requests and praises from around the world will be posted here. So please take a few moments to stop and pray.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Somalia Droughts and Famine

This is one of those situations where all you can do is really stop and pray. The people of Somalia are in a desperate situation. There is a natural drought and famine that is greatly intensified by the corruption and conflict surrounding them. In this present time we have more than enough food to feed everyone, unfortunately it can't get to everyone. God told us to take care of the widows and children, the ones that the world has pushed aside. So please pray to the one that is the ultimate provider and sustainer because their is nothing impossible for our God.

Link for personal story and way to donate to the cause: http://www.wvi.org/wvi/wviweb.nsf/maindocs/1E7BBB8A0E9D7EDB882578D50002877B?opendocument

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