God wants us to pray without ceasing and there is a lot to pray about. So to start getting in the habit, every day or so, some prayer requests and praises from around the world will be posted here. So please take a few moments to stop and pray.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Healings in the Brain

- Rachel McKeone has been in an accident and has a severe brain injury, she is in St. Vincents Hospital listed in critical condition & needs everyone's prayers, she is only 24 years old.

- A nine year old will be having brain surgery tomorrow at 1:00 It is a 6 hr surgery & is his 4th on the brain stem. He is a trouper & loves the Lord. Lord guide those surgeons hands,be with the family.Speak peace & comfort to them. And once more bring Ryan through with a good report. Amen

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