God wants us to pray without ceasing and there is a lot to pray about. So to start getting in the habit, every day or so, some prayer requests and praises from around the world will be posted here. So please take a few moments to stop and pray.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Human Trafficking

There are millions of young boys and girls all over the world being used for physical pleasures and services. There is a very good chance that this is even happening in your area. The victims are finally starting to get a little voice but there is so much more that needs to be done. The cruelty that these people have endured is unimaginable and it breaks God's heart immensely. I encourage you all to take some time and educate yourselves on this issue, and then PRAY. Pray for the victims safety, for their freedom, and ultimately that JUSTICE will prevail.
INFORMATION: http://www.ijm.org/
WATCH THIS: http://vimeo.com/4733514

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